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Busy Busy

So I have kept myself busy the past two weeks. I like to write my posts ahead so that I will never miss one a week especially if I do get busy.

Well I have been cleaning up shop so to say. I have been selling a lot of unneeded possessions of value and actually getting some cash. RV fund is almost at 1k (we move slow, life is expensive) and hopefully soon we’ll be sitting on 2k. Enough to get a decent under 30ft class c motorhome. Oh how craigslist and I have been BFFs.

In other news, I finally updated my phone worth from a broken old phone to finally joining the Smart phone world. I decided to pick up a net10 phone for now. That way I would have the ability to move with it, and still have decent signal. So far so good.

Been looking up things to do to make money as we adventure across the country. Renaissance Faires are something we keep coming back too. And frankly, I would love to try it out! We also have been looking at programs that pay you to travel all over the country teaching different skills. When we have the RV we will be contacting the Missoula Children’s Theater to see if its a match for us.

Well Next week will be another photoblog, until I get some real progress done. I am not much for soliciting, but if you would like to help our cause of gaining and RV. I highly doubt any of you would contribute to my cause but if any of you rad readers do, I would be forever in you debt. No worries if not, I just hope you enjoy my blog and all that I write!


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Stuff is only Stuff

So in order to move into an RV, particularly a motor home of 26 to 28 feet,  you can’t bring a lot of baggage. In a world of materialism, we grow so fond of our collections. Yet really, collections only bring temporary happiness and at the end of it all, it only fills a space.

I am a material person. I have hording tendencies. I like to collect things for my hobbies. I have a lot of random, useless junk. I enjoy shopping to make myself feel better on occasion. Just like most people, I buy things and I fill up an apartment. I have a lot of baggage.

Before we even get the RV, we will have to decide what to keep with us, what can be kept in storage, and what needs to go. Of the things that need to go, what can be sold, what gets donated and what goes into the bin. Its so very complicated and it can be so daunting to start to compartmentalize your stuff.

A few years ago I suffered a tragic event. Someone set my apartment building on fire. Long story short, from that trauma I not only developed a slew of mental problems but also to some extent a hording problem. I was very eager to build up my stuff to get back to where I was, and then some. Now looking back and looking over to what I have still, I don’t need that stuff. I miss the sentimental items like photos and I miss my awesome wardrobe but I still have my memories at least.

Which brings us to now deciding to go through my possessions and start to label and move them. Its very overwhelming, and so daunting. Its almost draining to think about. I want to do this though. I want to go, this small lot of things, this is what I am taking with me. Yet, I am still not there yet. I have only compiled a short list of what I am going to sell and have a mental list of what I ,at least, want to pitch.

Soon I will start to take pictures and document on my progress, I feel it will not only be therapeutic to myself but maybe inspire or help others learn to let go as well. Wish me luck!

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Moving Forward

So I posted in my Blog Beginnings post, why I wanted to start a blog, but I hadn’t disclosed what I wanted to make this blog about.

I thought it over and over, what would I write about? What is something that needs shared? What would gather the attention of others to be entertaining, informative or even thought provoking?

I mulled it over in my mind for a while, and finally decided to write about the only thing I knew the most about. My life. I have been a gypsy since I first moved out of my parents house. I haven’t lived all over the country, yet. So naturally, telling about my tales of travels to come would be an abundant topic.

I am currently in the works of purchasing an RV, a motor home, to move into and start my life on the road. I am planning on travelling with my boyfriend, who’s an actor, and my cat, Dominic. My cat will have his own posts, as well. I figured that would be the reward posts for anyone who wants funny stories, pictures and need to see some big fluffy cat love.

We want to make vlogs, as well (which will be posted here), about the places we are going. Little histories, some things to do, and notable facts about the places we visit. Fun things to watch, entertaining and educational!

Also, I will be documenting the preparations leading up to the RV. Pictures and blogs on preparing to move in, finding and buying the RV, what it takes to get it registered plus state laws, and then the process of us fixing it up into our home. I will be posting our budget plan, so that any of you who would like to do this as well will have a better understanding of what it takes.

I am so looking forward to the adventure that awaits, and I hope that you will, too. Life is a journey, and I intend to live my life taking the paths less traveled.


Dominic_001Enjoy a complimentary cat picture of Dominic.


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