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Park University, Parkville MO

Went down to KC for Sean’s birthday, which so happens to be a few days before Christmas. He turns to me and says, do you want to go see a college that looks like an American Hogwarts with an underground library? I said, Heck yes!

So this is my trip to Park University aka sneaking around a deserted college during winter break!


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Bring on the Spring

I am starting to feel cooped up in this apartment. I can’t wait until a little warmer weather is constant to finally get out and explore! I have taken enough winter shots. Its time for some spring! Its time for some green! Its time for me to ditch the coat and be lighter on my feet!
So an update of sorts. I am trying for 1 post a week of genuine material, and every other week a good reblog. Bear with me as I get the hang of this blogging thing. There are going to be times when my posts may be nothing but babble, but trust me, there is method to my madness!


Winter Amber

Bring on the blue skies and flowers!

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ten things i know for sure after moving 1200 miles from “home” and living in an RV for 8 (going on 9) months (and counting)

The friend part. All my feels on that one.

Winging It


  1. Counter space is the greatest thing since sliced bread, especially when slicing bread.  Someday, I’ll get me some.
  2. Sliced bread is entirely overrated and isn’t nearly as great as running water. Not even close.  You try brushing your teeth every day with a bottle of water for the next three months and get back to me.
  3. Distance can and will separate friends… you have to work pretty hard to refuse to let it. Phone calls, texts, emails, snail mail, and/or a wealth of great memories are useful weapons in that ongoing battle.
  4. Attitude is everything.  It really is the only thing in this life that you can control.  AllMost  Some of the time.
  5. Insulation is one of those things you don’t know how much you love until it’s gone.
  6. Living in an RV, 15 yards from an active train track is probably the fastest way to discover the absolute truth…

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Old Market, Omaha

When I moved to Omaha, I decided with living 13 hours away from friends and family that I would find myself pretty lonely for a while. While I miss my best friends, and our shenanigans, I figured out a much better way to cope.

That’s when I decided that I would pick up photography as a little hobby. I don’t have a fancy camera, though I really wish I did have a DSLR. I have a sony cyber shot 16mp, with the special Carl Zeiss lens. Good enough to get some nice shots. I do take artistic shots and portraits, too, but this isn’t the blog for that.

There is a bit of purpose behind my hobby, a driving force I didn’t have before. You see, before I moved to Omaha, I had lived in the same area for 5 years. That’s the longest I have ever lived in one place since I was a child. So you see, I have a lot of connections to my old home. Lots of history, and lots of people whom I miss dearly. This was a way for me to show them my life now. My travels, what I see, and that way when I share my photos with them its almost like they can be with me there.

I do hope you don’t get all blah blah blah, Amber stop with all the pictures. We came for a blog with writing, not some silly gypsy to spam us with photos. Well I guess, You, my dearest reader will just have pardon all the images and just accept that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I know its very unlikely anyone is going to complain, but I figured I would put that out there.

So onward, enjoy a sampling of Omaha’s Old Market. Its very historic and the atmosphere is just to die for. Why didn’t I move to the Old Market instead of the suburb? Ah, the world may never know, or maybe its just my wallet crying at the thought of those lavish apartments.

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The Economy of the Wanderlife

A Nicely written post with great information! Thanks Robert!

Where the Robert Meets the Road

Milepost 4-7-14   Fillmore, California

Some days I can’t believe where we are.  In fact, some days I don’t know where we are.  I wake up in the morning and open my eyes with a bit of surprise to see the inside of my fifth wheel bedroom loft and see the California sun peeking in through the mini-blinds – and I remember again.  We moved out of our big house after the kids all grew up and left.  We sold or gave away much of our furniture and tools and extra clothes.  And we hit the road.

It had been a dream of ours for a long time, but we’d been anchored to a large property by debt and a mortgage.  There was no money for traveling more than a few miles from home.  Having raised our three daughters – as well as 17 foster kids, 5 foreign exchange kids, and a…

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First Trip to Kansas City: a Picture Post

As down time is inevitable in blogging, or life in general, I figured I would share some of my newest hobby. Photography. I recently just dived right into photography to entertain myself, and share with friends and family what they are missing out on.

Today, I will share a few shots on my trip to Kansas City. I flew in to visit my boyfriend for the first time on his home turf, and we did a little adventuring.  Not really a little because the whole trip was go go go! Which is how I like a good trip!

KC Skyline



KC Cityscape


WW1 Veterns Memorial


Around KC 1


Kauffman Center


Union Station


Union Station Inside

Just a few shots, and I hope you enjoyed them!

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Moving Forward

So I posted in my Blog Beginnings post, why I wanted to start a blog, but I hadn’t disclosed what I wanted to make this blog about.

I thought it over and over, what would I write about? What is something that needs shared? What would gather the attention of others to be entertaining, informative or even thought provoking?

I mulled it over in my mind for a while, and finally decided to write about the only thing I knew the most about. My life. I have been a gypsy since I first moved out of my parents house. I haven’t lived all over the country, yet. So naturally, telling about my tales of travels to come would be an abundant topic.

I am currently in the works of purchasing an RV, a motor home, to move into and start my life on the road. I am planning on travelling with my boyfriend, who’s an actor, and my cat, Dominic. My cat will have his own posts, as well. I figured that would be the reward posts for anyone who wants funny stories, pictures and need to see some big fluffy cat love.

We want to make vlogs, as well (which will be posted here), about the places we are going. Little histories, some things to do, and notable facts about the places we visit. Fun things to watch, entertaining and educational!

Also, I will be documenting the preparations leading up to the RV. Pictures and blogs on preparing to move in, finding and buying the RV, what it takes to get it registered plus state laws, and then the process of us fixing it up into our home. I will be posting our budget plan, so that any of you who would like to do this as well will have a better understanding of what it takes.

I am so looking forward to the adventure that awaits, and I hope that you will, too. Life is a journey, and I intend to live my life taking the paths less traveled.


Dominic_001Enjoy a complimentary cat picture of Dominic.


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Blog beginnings

I have been tossing the idea around for years now about starting a blog. I could never decide on what to write about. Do I write about X? Oh but I do love Y! Y is so specific it could get bored with it soon, what about Z?

I threw around so many ideas, names and purposes on starting a blog. It was like blog purgatory. Worse than having a failing blog and worse than not caring about one. The urge to express and connect with others and be heard has only increased as I aged.

I finally threw my hands up and said, alright Blog gods, I give! Tell me, whats the secret?! Where do I start? I am a woman of many words, hobbies and interests, what should I focus on?

A beam of light or rather a bulb in my head turned on. I have a rather interesting life, I suppose. Interesting enough to continually blog about. I am a multifaceted person, with decent intelligence, probing thoughts and a relatively severe case of wanderlust.

Thusly, I decided to finally catalog my journeys. Hopefully I will find it in me to finally commit to something, and go somewhere with it. Who knows, this could be the start of a new friendship or rather, a new part of my life that’s been missing all these years.

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