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Sooner is better than Later

So, I lied. There will be a double post this week. AND BE PREPARED FOR A BIG ONE TODAY!

We got our RV. Not exactly what we wanted but at a price we couldn’t say no to, even with all that’s wrong with it.  It needs completely renovated inside. Its a disaster. It needs new holding tanks and a generator. The outside is in good shape, and the engine runs fine. The bathroom just needs touched up because frankly its in better shape than the interior. Bonus is that it doesn’t need new tires lol.


So here is a list of what we are going to do.

Remove and replace all carpet.

  •  Lay down laminate snap flooring (already purchased :D)
  • Fix and Paint walls (blue)
  • Fix ceiling
  • Replace/Shrink Kitchenette (New stove, new cabinet, new sink, new microwave)
  • Replace Couch Bed
  • Fix raised dinette
  • Convert Dinette into changeable single size bed
  • Put in step to get out
  • Add Screen Door
  • Replace Holding Tanks
  • buy Generator
  • replace car seats with swivel captain’s chairs
  • Add more storage
  • Put in small office space across from bed
  • replace all interior lights
  • Drop down TV/Homecenter in cabinet above office
  • Paint and spiffy up outside paint

So on with some pictures  below the cut :)  Pardon the cruddy camera phone shots. I will get some nicer ones with my actual camera.

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Busy Busy

So I have kept myself busy the past two weeks. I like to write my posts ahead so that I will never miss one a week especially if I do get busy.

Well I have been cleaning up shop so to say. I have been selling a lot of unneeded possessions of value and actually getting some cash. RV fund is almost at 1k (we move slow, life is expensive) and hopefully soon we’ll be sitting on 2k. Enough to get a decent under 30ft class c motorhome. Oh how craigslist and I have been BFFs.

In other news, I finally updated my phone worth from a broken old phone to finally joining the Smart phone world. I decided to pick up a net10 phone for now. That way I would have the ability to move with it, and still have decent signal. So far so good.

Been looking up things to do to make money as we adventure across the country. Renaissance Faires are something we keep coming back too. And frankly, I would love to try it out! We also have been looking at programs that pay you to travel all over the country teaching different skills. When we have the RV we will be contacting the Missoula Children’s Theater to see if its a match for us.

Well Next week will be another photoblog, until I get some real progress done. I am not much for soliciting, but if you would like to help our cause of gaining and RV. I highly doubt any of you would contribute to my cause but if any of you rad readers do, I would be forever in you debt. No worries if not, I just hope you enjoy my blog and all that I write!

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