ten things i know for sure after moving 1200 miles from “home” and living in an RV for 8 (going on 9) months (and counting)

The friend part. All my feels on that one.

Winging It


  1. Counter space is the greatest thing since sliced bread, especially when slicing bread.  Someday, I’ll get me some.
  2. Sliced bread is entirely overrated and isn’t nearly as great as running water. Not even close.  You try brushing your teeth every day with a bottle of water for the next three months and get back to me.
  3. Distance can and will separate friends… you have to work pretty hard to refuse to let it. Phone calls, texts, emails, snail mail, and/or a wealth of great memories are useful weapons in that ongoing battle.
  4. Attitude is everything.  It really is the only thing in this life that you can control.  AllMost  Some of the time.
  5. Insulation is one of those things you don’t know how much you love until it’s gone.
  6. Living in an RV, 15 yards from an active train track is probably the fastest way to discover the absolute truth…

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