Who is this Writer

Oh Hi! Thats me, the Writer, the blogger, the brains behind the scenes, the person in charge, the lady with the keyboard. All me, all the same thing.

My name is Amber. No fancy name, no pseudonym, no alias. I am Amber. Rather dull name that my parents gave me in 1986, and it was on the top 20 names list. My mother claims she derived it from a children’s cartoon about a “sheepish lion”, and I think she was smoking something. Aaah, now we all know why I am so odd.

Repeating myself, I am an odd twenty something year old, the product of parents of a partying generation, raised with no goals or ambitions, taught the value of travel, survival and independence, and then shot out of the house after graduation on my first real adult adventure. I am full of quirks, extremely paranoid, artistically inclined, and occasionally smart enough to carry on a conversation with college level intellectuals. I can be snarky and sarcastic to the point of being mean, in fact, I am kind of mean. I can be pessimistic and dramatic, and I do not regret being who I am.

I have lots of hobbies, because I get bored easy and I have the primal need to express myself. I collect BJDs, I draw and paint, I sew costumes, crafts and anything else I fancy, I craft things up and like any person of merit, I enjoy a good books. I obsess over certain fandoms like Harry Potter, My little pony, and anime related stuff. That’s just the happy things I tell normal people about myself.

I have strong beliefs, and I do keep them to myself. So no worries, I will not go blowing up my blog with a bunch of religious bull crap. I keep my spiritually very tame. I am a very spiritual person, and I do try to be a good Taoist. (I hope someday I will master it.) I read tarot cards, talk and study astrology, and hopefully will master the art of Palmistry. I love interpreting dreams, and just talking about all that hippy dippy pagan shit.

Well, I hope that sums it all up. Maybe? Kudos to you, if you read this whole thing to learn about little ol’ me. Amber, a piece of ancient tree sap mistaken as a gemstone.


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